Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stupid Stupid Stupid...

So my mind has been going nuts for the last couple of days because I keep replaying in my head what I said to Bronwen Weber who is like my idol. I was so nervous when I met her I choked! I couldn't think of what to say and like an idoit I said "it's really nice to meet you..." before I even told her my name or anything about me. I hands were shaking I was no nervous! Stupid! Then I started thinking to myself just wrap this up and get out of here. You already so stupid so just ask for a picture and get out of here. Luckily Bronwen is one of the nicest people ever. With her big smile she just went along with it. But I can't stop replaying that moment in my head and it's driving me crazy! What's even worse...I can't think of what else I would have said to make it better then it was. Hahaha. The only thing that comes to mind is the scene in Wayne's World when they drop to their knees in front of Alice Cooper and say we're not worthy, we're not worthy.
Anyway...so I am still waiting to receive a picture of the baby shower invitation so I can start designing that. I've got all these ideas floating around in my head about it, but I can't put anything down on paper until I know exactly what they are wanting...so I'll keep waiting :)
Next event, I mentioned yesterday was the McKinney Cake Show. I need to place at this one just because now that I've got my feet wet, I want a medal. I have an idea but of course I keep second guessing whether or not that is what I want to do. I want to do something clean and impressive...but what? I have this princess and the pea idea that I've been playing with but I'm just not sure if that is a winning cake idea.
I'm going to keep playing with some ideas. Next weekend I have a wedding cake tasting for my sister-in-law's best friend. I've come up with some great combinations that I think she will enjoy. I can't wait to design her cake!
This weekend, I got so spoiled. My sister in law, Amy, was with me in Austin and she great at doing hair. All weekend she was doing my hair for me and it always looked so good! Then yesterday morning I got ready for work and I was so disappointed. No one to do my hair? :( Hahaha. It was nice!

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