Sunday, March 8, 2009

Eventful Weekend

This weekend we had a lot going on. Today is so beautiful outside that we went for a walk to the park. I wanted the kids to play on the playground but it was packed with "big" kids. The big kids always make me nervous and push around the little kids so we just played under the trees for a while. It was really nice. Colbi rode home on Daddy's shoulders and Ava spent most of the walk home pulling the wagon. I did a little yard work this morning which was really nice. I enjoy yard work and I can't wait for my bulbs to start blooming.

So Ava had her first hair cut yesterday at a place in McKinney called Sharkey's Cuts for Kids. She got to sit in a pink Barbie jeep and watch Dora while they cut her hair. Then we got to go back to the zebra painted room where she got her nails painted. It was so much fun! She was just a regular toddler which made me kind of sad when I realized how fast the last 2 and a half years flew by. In addition, this weekend Ava wore her last diaper. She is offically only wearing big girl panties from this day forth. I can't believe it. One down and one to go. I can't believe how big they are.

Last night the girls stayed with Matt's sister because my mom treated us to a lovely dinner in celebration of Matt's birthday which was Monday. We went to Roy's Hawiian Fusion. It was so good! For an appetizer Matt got these tiny skewered steak with rice, so yummy! And I got the seafood chowder. It was good, but it needed more then one scallop and one shrimp. Then for the entree Matt got the potroast and I got the blackened shrimp. Both were fantastic! If we went back I would probably get the pot roast for the mere fact that it would have been more filling with the potatoes and everything then the 4 shrimp and steamed fresh spinach (by the way, the best spinach I've ever had) For dessert Matt got the Creme Brulee and I got the Chocolate Souflee. Yum! It was great!

Friday morning I received the baby shower invitation I've been waiting on to design the shower cake. It had a lot of color and a lot to work with. I came up with a bright pink, small, two tier cake with white glittered polka dots, a black bow tied around the middle of the cake, a small pregnant lady sitting on top with a few gifts around her. I need to perk up her belly a little bit and even up her legs, but over all I think she's pretty cute.

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