Thursday, March 19, 2009

So excited!

So I have a lot to report but first and foremost I would like to announce that (drum roll please)... my website is up and running!

I spent hours working on it and coming up with a logo. I'll be honest I changed the logo at least 50 times anyway, the site still needs a little work, but I am super happy with it! I hope everyone loves it. I really put a lot of work into it. I will note that the photo on my "Bree" page is a little out of date, but I do have plans to take a better, more recent photo to replace that one with.

Ok, next thing to report. The wedding cake tasting last weekend was a hit. The couple picked out a totally delicious flavor combo and picked a beautiful design. We didn't design the cake at the tasting because she had come knowing what she wanted which is fine with me. I feel like whoever did the cake in the picture she brought be did a little bit of a sloppy job so I re-created the design in my software to post tonight. I think it is going to be beautiful. I'm considering doing the vine on both sides. The cake she has picked has a white chocolate ganache filling, so the leaves will be white chocolate. Yum! She does want fresh roses on the cake, which is fine. She is struggling to decide whether or not she wants the red roses or these Queen of the Night roses. I have not seen them but she says they are almost black with white specks. I think either would look beautiful, but I do think that the red roses would make the black and white on the cake stand out more. I'm just not sure, and I'm not sure where to find these Queen of the Night roses. Any suggestions for me to offer her? I personally think the red, but I'd really like to see the other roses she's talking about. I had so much fun doing her tasting. This is a June cake.
I have another June wedding, actually on the same day, that was ordered last week also. The design is unique and abstract so I'm not sure if I will be able to re-create her design on my software, but if I am able to I will post. In the photo she provided me the abstract piece on the cake is black and there are green butterflies around the cake. She wants a soft purple in place of the green since that is her wedding color, and she knows she does not want black. That is fine, I really thought a dark chocolate would be stunning with the purple, but she is stuck on no chocolate or chocolate color on the cake. She wants either silver (no going to happen on buttercream) or dark purple. I feel like the dark purple is going to take away from the soft purple. The nice thing about the design she gave me is that the black or the abstract piece is there to make the wedding color "pop" or stand out. I don't think that the dark purple will do that and I feel like dark purple will stain just as bad a black will which is why she didn't want to do black. I'm feeling a little stuck on the colors, but I know we will come up with something stunning.
Let's see what else...the babyshower cake is due this Sunday. Very excited. The pregnant mommy topper looks so cute. She's sitting in my freezer just waiting to sit on her cake! So adorable, I will post pictures Saturday night or Sunday morning depending on what time I finish the cake. I need to go sculpt her little presents that will be sitting next to her.
Last thing I can think of right now is the September Plano Bridal Show. I'm considering having a booth at the Plano Bridal Show this fall. It's costly but I think the return on the exposure would be worth it. I'm open to advice on this (please).
That's it for today but I always have more in the works.

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