Sunday, July 17, 2011

Some orders I forgot to share

Here are some cakes we have done recently that I forgot to share!

Pirate Treasure Chest Cake

This was for my daughter's 5th birthday party.  Everything was edible.  I poured sugar to make the jewels, but the gold coins out of fondant, pressed them with a stamp to personalize them and sprayed them with airbrush gold. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Power Ranger Samurai Cake and Cupcakes

Oops!  I didn't realize that I forgot to blog this super cute cake I did a few weeks ago.  

This is a hexagonal shaped buttercream birthday cake for 5 year old Hunter!  Each power ranger was hand painted on a fondant plaque, but the Red Samurai Ranger stole the show since he is Hunter's favorite.  We also served matching buttercream cupcakes for extra cuteness!  Enjoy!!

Dr. Mario Cake

This weekend I had a unique request for a Dr. Mario themed bridal shower cake.  If you are not familiar with Dr. Mario it is a Tetris like game featuring pills and viruses.  We do adore original requests at Breezies because it challenges us to think outside of the box to come up with a truly custom cake for your event.  This Dr. Mario bridal shower cake is a perfect example of fun meets custom.


Here you see Mrs. Mario (the game's nurse hehe), flashing her new ring, and Dr. Mario in their decked out ride.  The viruses have taken the time to shoe polish the windows and tie pills to the back of the happy couple's car.

We also pride ourselves in trying to make every part of our cakes edible and tasty.  The viruses are made of flavored tootsie rolls and the pills are Mike and Ikes!  Yum!  Congrats Loren and Scott!!!!

Plants vs. Zombies Cake featuring Crazy Dave

Ever play Plants Vs. Zombies?  I downloaded it to my PS3 as research for this cake and I am addicted now lol!  So much fun!  This cake features Crazy Dave, the game narrator who sells supplies out of the back of his beat up blue hatch back, sunflowers and peashooters, and of course the zombies... BRAINS!

It turns out zombies are a lot of fun to make... gives me some ideas for Halloween Cakes hehe.

Movie / Cinema themed Cake

Fun hot pink, white, and silver movie / cinema themed cake for a 13 yr old girl's birthday hosted at the theater.  White chocolate movie ticket stubs and carmel corn for a little extra flavor on a fun cake!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pond Cake

I LOVE this cake!  It was for a baby shower and is my favorite baby shower cake to date!