Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cookie Pizza and Red Velvet

This cookie pizza was amazing! My brother-in-law was really wanting a cookie pizza so we made this together. I made the cookie crust and he made the chocolate sauce. We were going to add some more toppings but it was wonderful with just the M&M's. I haven't thought about selling these, but if someone wanted one I would...of course. This is the perfect treat for a sleep over or just hanging around the house with the kids. Serve it warm, the melty M&M's and the warm cookie is perfect!

Who doesn't love red velvet? This was devine! The creamy frosting is thick but not too rich. It was wonderful. Order your red velvet and enjoy today!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cookie Pops

I love the variety of things you can do and decorate when it comes to baking. I got my December Better Homes and Gardens in the mail the other day and there was a holiday cookie section. Their cookies on a stick here no bake and they used oreos, orange juice, and some other things. I started doing a little research and came up with my own spin on it. These are my new cookie pops. These are covered with white chocolate, but I plan offer all different types of toppings and decorations. These will run $0.50 and will be individually wrapped. These are great for party favors, for kids, showers, valentines at school, anything really. I'm really excited about these and can't wait to come up with even more ideas to use these for. My sister had a great idea we're going to try for bridal showers. I will post pictures as soon as possible. Enjoy!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cupcakes Galore!

Yum Yum! Who doesn't love a cupcake? It's a little treat that you can eat, and you don't have to share with anyone else. Breezie's is now offering all different sizes, shapes, flavors, and colors of cupcakes. Regular cupcakes run $0.99 each or $10 for a dozen, and large cupcakes run $1.99 each or $20 for a dozen.
Cupcakes can be elegant or fun, big or little, and always taste great with a glass of milk. Cupcakes got their name from the amount of ingredients, a cup of sugar, a cup of butter, etc.
Cupcakes are fun to make mostly because you bake up numerous cupcakes at once and you can decorate all the cakes the same, or get creative and decorate each cupcake differently.