Thursday, February 26, 2009

Making progress

Since I had class last night I wasn't able to work on my showcake, however, my wonderful husband cleaned the house...check that off the list, and I got my homework done...check that off the list too. I started a load of laundry this morning so I can just stick those in the dryer when I get home. I think I'm going to clean my car out in the morning and work on my cake tonight as long as I need to. I still feel like I have a lot to do and because of that I worry that I'm going to forget something. I really don't want to leave anything off of my cake...luckily I did draw a sketch of the cake when I first came up with the design.

So, this guy that I have known since we were in the first grade is now a Marine and just made it over to Iraq. When he first told me that he had joined the Marine Corp I was confused. Marines? Nick? No way! But then I started thinking...Marine Corp, Guns, Nick, ok now it fits. Hahaha. Anyway. He's in Iraq now so I'd like to ask everyone to keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Also, coming from a family that is now full of Marines I can say that letters of encouragement, baked goods, etc. go over really well with the men and women serving overseas. If you'd like to mail a letter to Nick or send him some homemade yummy stuff. Let me know and I can get you his address or I can mail it for you.

Look at this picture of Ava. Hahaha. The other day I was on Janet Wisner's website ( and I was looking through all her wonderful work and up pops this picture but in color. She took it of Ava last year at the park in downtown Plano. I just love this picture. How can you not laugh when you see this picture? I want to kiss her cheeks so stinkin' bad when I look at this picture. Doesn't her face look squishy? I can't wait to see the pictures she took a couple weeks ago. I just know she's going to post them when I'm in Austin this weekend without a computer. That's ok if she does but Matt will not be looking at them without me. No way! Hahaha. I'm excited about it. I just love photographs! Pictures preserve a moment in time that you can't physcially get back, but when you look at the picture a part of you is back in that moment. Pictures can make you laugh or cry, feel happy or sad. I especially love old pictures. I love looking through pictures of my parents or grandparents from when they were young. I wish I could take pictures of beautifully as Janet does, but my husband would hate it! My girls already have about a million photo albums filled to the brim. If I could take photos like this...we'd have to rent a storage unit for all the photo albums. You really have to have a talent for it because I can tell you that there are some "photographers" that just aren't good.

Anyway...this is my last blog until after the Austin Cake Show so wish me luck and hope for a medal!

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