Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Today I have been thinking about how incredibly blessed I am. I guess it's just one of those days but really if feel like I couldn't ask for more! When I think about how stinkin' cute my kids are, I sm
ile and laugh. I love that my husband and I can laugh together when we talk about how stinkin' cute they are. I love the silly smile that Matt gets on his face when we are talking about the girls. Talking about Ava and Colbi makes you want to shout because there are no words to describe the way you feel. It's just... YEAH! Hahahaha. Look at Colbi's face in this picture. She was so excited that she was sitting in the booth and not the high chair that she was all smiles. So funny! Colbi and I made a deal the other night. I was looking at how little and cute she is while she was playing and I kissed her tiny, smooth cheeks and I said will you stay little for a long time? "Yeeaah!" Promise? "Yeah mama, I ughooou ( love you)" My husband and I are fortunate to have jobs during these though times. My dad made it through his heart surgery yesterday and had great new to follow. My mom is getting married. My sister and her husband are the greatest. And we're going on a honeymoon after 4 years of marriage. Hahaha! Better late then never.

In all the wonderfulness that I am feeling today, I should really be panicing. The Austin Cake Show is THIS WEEKEND! AHHH! And I am way behind. I still have so much to do on my cake. Oh but that is just the tip of the iceburg. I have class tonight and won't be home until close to 10 pm. I don't think I made enough butter cream for class which is never good. I still need to do laundry for my trip to Austin because I am wearing my last semi-clean outfit today. I need to clean my's hard to keep your car clean when you're working part of the time in the car and part of the time in the office. So that HAS to be done before we can leave. I have to clean the play room for nephew Bryson because his mommy is going with me to Austin so the playroom is going to be Bryson's room for the weekend. I need to finish my cake, I need to do all my homework for the week which FYI I haven't even started on. (If you're asking your self why I am writing this massive blog instead of doing some of these things...I'm at work)

What am I thinking?! Why didn't I start all this, this past weekend? Because I am crazy. I was motivated to do nothing this weekend. I always want to do or need to be doing something, but this weekend when I actually needed to be doing about a hundred different things, I didn't want to do anything. I wanted to lay around the house in my pj's and do nothing. That is not like me at all. Maybe I was sick.

As for my cake, it's coming a long. I have the hardest part done which is covering the tiers with fondant. I spent 4 hours last night trying to master the biggest bottom tier. I'm not 100% in love with it, but I think it will look fine once I get everything on it. Here's my deal with it...any little flaw or mark can be the line between winning and losing. I'm not going to win this thing by a mile if I even place. It's going to be a tough competition...I just know it. Anyway, the next part is really the easy part. I have all or almost all of the pieces made that will be going on the cake. The top tier and I can't decorate until we actually get to Austin and put the cake together. I don't want to damage anything during the four hour drive down there so the top tier will wait...but I need to make sure I have all the pieces made, painted, and ready to be placed on the cake since I will only have three hours to set up. That might sound like a long time, but it's not when you need everything to look perfect. So I just need to finish smoothing out my bottom and middle tier to make sure that look as perfect as I can possibly get them, add the diamonds and stars to the bottom tier, add the keys to the middle tier, and make sure everything else is packaged well and ready for the ride. I'm so nervous but in a good way. So honestly, if I starting working on my homework now, then work on the cake for an hour tonight after class while a load of laundry is going, then clean my butt off after work tomorrow (my car and playroom), then work the rest of Thursday night on the cake and cake pieces I should be good to go. That's assuming that I am able to finish my homework today. It's 1:30...I can probably pull it off.
Wish me luck!!

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