Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time Flies When You're Sellin' Fries

I have decided that being a "grown up" is no fun. Time goes by so fast. Remember when you were a kid and it seemed like your birthday or Christmas took forever to roll around? As an adult it's like how do I slow down the time? It seems like Christmas was yesterday and then I look at my calendar and we're already half way through February!? On the bright side dates that you can't wait for arrive faster, but when you look around your babies are growing up so quickly and you time has flown by so fast that you can't remember what you did the day before.

The biggest bum about time flying as fast as it does is that my kids are at a really fun age. I know that I have things to look forward to in the future, school, joining sports or brownies, art projects, etc. But I want to savor this age a little longer. Before I know it Ava will be heading off to Kindergarten and Colbi will be one step behind her. They are at that age where everything they do is so cute. They're still little but they're becoming a little more independent. One can use the potty and the other tells you when she needs a diaper change. They can both feed themselves, play together, climb into their own beds...I could go on. But at the same time they're are still little. They still want mom and dad and need lovins. Before we know it all their "littleness" will be gone.

On a brighter note, Janet Wisner, a fantastic photographer came over this past weekend and captured my little angels in the age that I will love to remember. I can not wait to see the pictures that she took. I absolutely love that she was able to come to our house and take pictures in Ava and Colbi's environment. I was alittle surprised that the girls didn't play on their beds more when Janet was there, but it was Valentine's Day and Matt gave Ava the Valentine Charlie Brown DVD so that had them glued to their TV. Either way I am being so impatient! I can not wait to see Janet's pictures.

I can not believe that the Austin Cake Competition is in a week and a half! I am so excited I feel like a kid a Christmas. I am so excited about my show piece. I'm ready to start building but I worry about my fondant drying out too early. I will post pictures as a begin building. I have a lot of the elements ready and in the freezer. There is a lot going into and on the cake so I'm having a difficult time evaluating what I have left to do without the cake being built. I feel like I am forgetting something major, but I just don't know what it is. I've studied my sketch every night and it looks like I have a lot of my elemements done. Maybe I didn't cut enough piano keys or diamond or stars...I just don't know. By this Saturday I should know what it is I am missing. I plan to make the base of the cake from poured sugar, and I haven't done that yet. Maybe that is what I feel like I am missing...I don't know. Regardless...that show is rapidly approaching and I am so excited about it. I get to meet Bronwen Weber. I get to watch her work. I get to display my work. (Ugh! I hope I bring home a medal so bad!)

The McKinney show is in April so I have been trying to brainstorm ideas for my wedding cake showpiece, but I am having a hard time since I'm still trying to carryout the Austin showpiece. After this piece is completed I'll be able to sit down and evaluate what I want to do for the McKinney show. I'm also having a difficult time because my head has been filled with the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show. The Food Network will be there filming the wedding cake portion of the show because Kerry Vincent sponsors the show. With that said I want to go and I want to enter a stunning piece. The theme is Of Sea and Shore. My head has been running nonstop trying to think of something amazing. I wish I could slow it down since that show isn't until the first of October, but the entry fee is $200 and the Food Network will be there so I want to present something amazing. The competitors at that show are fierce so I worry about entering at all.

Anyway, my brain seems to have calmed down just getting these thoughts out so I am going to run off.

Have a Breezie day!

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