Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I am in the mood for something tasty today, but I'm not sure what to bake. I really need to decorate something. I feel like the creative juices are about to come rushing out of me. This past weekend I made some proto-type (me and my sister love using this word when creating something!) pieces for my new cake design. The proto-type pieces turned out beautifully and I hate that I have to wait until January to make the darn cake!
The new design is called Jade because I was designed for Jade Clanton's birthday. I don't know if it is because Jade is a little princess or what, but the thought of making a cake for her birthday really got the creative mind going. It's a design that I am incredibly proud of and if it turns out half and good as what I have drawn out it will be a huge success! I am struggling a little bit with the background color. I had originally planned to do a deep rose/pink color with pale pink accents. When I was putting the test pieces together those colors ended up clashing. I was thinking of doing purple background but I don't want it to take away from the pink and I think it will, and I thought about doing a creme colored background but I'm a little concerned that one of the accent pieces will blend right in. A pale yellow also came to mind but then I worry that it will clash with the gold and I wanted this to be a brightly colored cake. I think my only option is to make a test teir and figure out which color is going to look best with the pale pink accents. I'm hoping to not have to change the color of the accent pieces, but if that is what I have to do then that's what I'll do. I may surf the net and look at some pictures with color options.
I would normally just let the colors clash because some children's cakes look good with clashing colors, but I know Jade is a little fashionista and would probably call me out on my colors not matching. Hahaha. Regardless, it's going be to great. I can't wait to post pictures! I will post pictures of my "test teirs" so I can get some input.

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